Help our chain of love to grow!

It is so rewarding to see a child smile and to know that you have contributed to this smile! 

Together let us make a chain of love and bring as many smiles on children’s faces as possible! 

With just 20 euro per month, you can make a difference to a child's future by providing the child with education, medical care and two meals daily.

With only 20 euro per month, you are giving a child the right to dream of a  better future!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela

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By caring, together we can change their world!

Sophia for Children, via the programme “I Adopt a Child”, supports more than 4500 children in Kenya. The programme provides to every child:

  • Two meals daily in school
  • Clean Water
  • Basic medical care
  • School books and stationery

A child’s learning process is improved through the provision of food and medical care. This gives the child  the incentive to go to school and to progress his/her education with joy , health and dignity.

I Adopt a Child

In Kenya, the programme “I Adopt a Child” enables children to have access to proper education and therefore gives them the opportunity to dream of a better future. Together we can make their dreams come true and give them hope for the future.

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By caring, together we can change their world!

Sophia For Children

Sophia For Children was established in 2009 by Cypriot volunteers, with the aim to fight poverty and its repercussions, mainly concentrating on the most vulnerable social group, the  children. Our ultimate goal is to change the world of these children through care and education, so that they can grow up with dignity and dream of a better future. 

In Kenya, we provide education, food and medical care to more than 4500 children whilst this year, having completed 10 years since the beginning of our operations, we are proud to have the first children of our Orphanage graduating from University. In Cyprus, since 2013, through the programme “I Cook and I Offer”, we have constructed and equipped kitchens in 16 all-day primary and nursery schools all over Cyprus, providing lunch daily to the children of the school. 

As an NGO, Sophia for Children operates with  the funds  received through donations and fundraisers, as well as funds received through various charity events  and projects that it organises.

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Sophia For Children

31 Annis Komninis, 1061 Nicosia
P.O. Box 25629, 1311 Nicosia 

Tel.: 70.000.787

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